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Course Reserves (for faculty)

Course Reserves

Every semester, the Library offers a collection of reserve materials used in classroom instruction.  Course Reserves are a vital part of the library's services to faculty and students as they ensure that students will have access to assigned readings and course materials throughout the semester.

General Information

Please follow these guidelines when requesting reserves:

  • Use the online reserve request form.  Please submit one form per course.
  • Get requests in early!  Once the semester begins, reserve requests may take up to one week to process.
  • You may request items owned by the Library, or supply your own copies.  A signed copyright release form(.pdf) must accompany articles.  Please note that the Library does not assume responsibility for lost or damaged personal items. 
  • Personal items can be dropped off at the Service Desk or sent to the Library via intercampus mail.  Please include all relevant reserve information with mailed items-your name, and the course name and number.
  • Items not currently owned by the Library, or that you do not own a copy of to be placed on personal reserve, will be considered for purchase.  Use the title suggestion form to suggest a purchase.  Purchase decisions are based on Library Collection Development policies; it may not be possible to approve all requests.  Please note that the Library does not collect college textbooks and they are considered for purchase only in exceptional circumstances.
  • The normal checkout period for reserves is 3 hours, in-library use only.  
  • Please limit your list to no more than 30 items per class. 

You will be notified once your reserve lists are processed.  They can be viewed on the Library's Online Catalog in the Course Reserves tab. Use the drop-down menus to select your class.

Reserve materials from the previous semester are automatically removed. Please remember to pick up your personal copies after the semester ends.  All unclaimed personal items will be sent back to faculty offices via intercampus mail.

If you continually use certain personal items in regularly taught courses, they may be placed on long-term reserve.  These items stay on reserve for an entire academic year.  Please contact Rosalind Gould Bucy,, for more information.